anti-aliasing in radeon 8500: off switch?

How do I turn off anti-aliasing (Radeon 8500)
Some of you checked into my C&C Generals question. There is one thing I’m trying to check: anti-aliasing. It can cause similar problems, and I’m not sure its turned off, as Generals requires.

How can I turn it off on a Radeon 8500 w/ latest drivers?

I’ve checked the advanced display properties, and under Direct3D, there is no option to turn it off completely, only to vary the level. What can I do?


This isn’t anything I’ve actually explored, since I like AA, but couldn’t you change the setting to “Application Preference” in the video settings and turn it off within the game?

I have a couple of games that have settings for AA within the game. Outside of that, I really don’t know.

It might help to post your question over at this site, if nothing is forthcoming here.

Guru of 3D

There is no switch in-game. I think EA really screwed this one up - I mean, who requires you to turn off video options outside of your game? In any event, AA is already set to application preference by default.

There might be a seperate tweaking utility that you can download which would let you disable AA.

I don’t have a Radeon 8500 myself, but check this out:

That worked quite well: the file, when set to "Warcraft II optimization, was just fine! Thank you!