Anti-cliche soundtrack

Inspired of course by this thread.

What are the some incongruous songs you can think of to use in a place in a movie soundtrack that normally is screaming for a certain type of song.

My example is for a sad moment a song like Sounds of Silence or Mad World would play. What if instead the protagonist is taking a sad walk and the 59th Street Bridge Song came on instead. Then I thought it wasn’t that great of an example because the music somewhat fits the mood albeit in an ironic way, so it would be more of a dark humor than a bizarre ha ha moment.

Let me try for a better one. The movie opens up in a funeral where normally a sad piano tune would be playing. Instead, as each attendee goes up to the casket, Oh Yeah comes on.

Our movie opens to a scene of two factions, armed to the teeth with automatic firearms, blasting away at each other to the background score of Gregorian chants.

Two young lovers are in the bedroom. She’s slim and willowy. He looks like a Greek god. An eyebrow is raised. They undress each other. Steamy sex ensues.

“Boy, the way Glenn Miller played … SONGS that made the HIT parade…”

Mud-covered marines slogging through the bogs in Vietnam.

Soundtrack: Viva Las Vegas! (or would that be too ironic?)