Anti-drug propaganda type books, late 70's, christian-related. Help?

When I was in junior high or somewhere around that age, I was looking in our church library, and, having read all of the kids books, I was looking on the adult side. I checked out a couple of books that were probably written for teenagers, and I’d like to find them again.
All I remember about them is that they were some kind of anti-drug propaganda, of the type where the hapless teen smokes a joint and then ends up addicted to heroin, selling her body and ripping people off for drug money. I am fairly sure they were written in the 70s. I think the books were named after the main character and they were distributed by some kind of christian organization, which was obvious because at the end of every book, the main character seemed to get sent off to some kind of God-sponsored rehab type place to clean up.
I’m not talking about Go Ask Alice. Does anyone happen to know what I’m talking about?