Anti-Flame: Maeglin

Over in one of the Election Threads, Maeglin said:

Son of a Bitch!
That was Lovely! A rare and inspiring piece of bold, fearless, honesty!

Maeglin, you are my idol, I worship the dangerous ground upon which you walk, that ground where few others dare tread.

[sub]That said, I still violently disagree with some (not all) of your positions…[/sub]

I don’t use my sig often, but if I can quote any of that, I might as well start. :smiley:

Nothing so warms the heart as a ringing endorsement from someone on the wrong side of the political spectrum.


At any rate, thank you for your kind words.


Yeah, Maeglin rocks. Smart and civil and funny – a great combination. :slight_smile: I was pretty astonished to hear such honesty in that thread myself and I really admire him for it – I think it’s the truth that a lot of people spend a lot of time dancing around. Maeglin calls a spade a spade.

Use me, baby, use me…!

Seriously, I’m flattered. Your post floored me. I almost broke my vow to not post further in that thread.

Oh, this is just disgusting. I’m going to hit all of you with a spade if you don’t cut it out.

Hey, everyone, over here! Giant circle jerk in the Pit!


[sub]But Maeglin is pretty damn cool. And I totally disagree with him most of the time, too.[/sub]

He plays with swords, is a real New Yorker, and has some damn cute cats! How could you not like Maeglin?

I’m sorry. While I was asleep last night did Ed change this forum description to read “If you gotta **anti-**flame, do it here.”?

Didn’t think so…


So much sig material…so little time. Though I think I’m going to have to go with Alpha’s…