Anti-French Sentiments, or, Those French Dogs!

French-Only Guide Dog Allowed at College

Pavot (the dog) may not necessarily know that his commands are “in French”, per se. But, Pavot does understand those commands, so it could be said that he at least understands some French. Of course, he can’t actually speak French, but I know a lot of English-speaking people who can’t speak French, yet can understand it.


Two points:

  1. It wasn’t just free-floating French hatred, but rather a very stringent English immersion class in which students must agree to speak only English during the term.

  2. Nevertheless, it was amazingly stupid, and the university has backed down. The fellow must obey the rest of the class rules but is allowed to address his dog in French. (Criminy.)

If the dog was taking the class as well, I could understand restricting the use of French. Now I’m wondering if the dog is allowed to speak “dog” during the class. I’m sure Pavot, being a trained professional, keeps very quiet, but what if he has to say something? They addressed the student’s need to speak French in order to communicate with Pavot, but what about Pavot? :slight_smile:


No problem. Woof and rough are English words. You can look it up.

But “woof”, from the English dictionary, is just the English “translation” of one sound a dog makes. French-speakers may use a different word. (And French-Canadians may even use a different word than French Nationals.) Also, while Pavot is a dog, and truly can’t speak either English or French, I’d consider him a French-Canadian, being how he was raised and trained in Quebec.


If I remember correctly, French speaking dogs say “woah, woah”.

All dogs say their natural and God given name: “Ralph, Ralph.”


Dog should be forced to learn English.

Dog should have to pay tuition, too. In class, ain’t he?

Lousy Francophones.