Anti-Gun control heckler pushes the asshole envelope a little too far with predictable results

Predicable and satisfactory!

Police use an electronic stun gun to subdue a Brentwood man at a gun control rally in Concord.

A News 9 camera was on the scene when officers took 52-year-old Daniel Musso to the ground shortly after he interrupted a speech in favor of expanded background checks for people purchasing guns. Reporter Adam Sexton watched the altercation unfold.

I have never seen a “heckler” come up to the podium and brush shoulders with the speaker, trying to take over the microphone. That is utterly beyond the pale, and cannot imagine a gun control advocate doing any such thing (primarily because the anti-gun control types are very likely to be armed.)

Watching the video, it was clear he was tazed because he was resisting arrest. We lefties have a lot more experience with getting arrested at protests and know how to behave.

Tea Partiers seem to do a pretty good job with that, too, unlike Occupy Wall Street. The explanation I’ve been given is that a lot of Tea Partiers were more liberal protesters in the 1970s, while most Occupiers were new to the protesting scene.

I find that hard to believe. I know the old saw about liberal hippies becoming conservative Wall Street type, but other than Jerry Rubin I can’t think of any.

Didn’t someone do that to Reagan once?

Hard to believe it would even be possible. The Secret Service are generally very good at their job.

He got took down because they goaded him into poking one of them with a finger. When you are being goaded by LEO’s, never, never touch one in anyway.
Even sneezing on one will be considered an physical attack & they will take you down.

His fault because he could not control himself.

What the rally/protest was about has/had nothing to do with what went down.

Please, use the past pluperfect gerundicle: “He got tooken…”

Probably thinking about this incident. Apparently the Secret Service relaxes a bit after you leave office.

Notice how anti-gun control activist is actually the antonym to anti gun-control activist.

“Taked”, dammit.

This… :smack:

I had to watch it without the audio-- I take it the goading consisted of the cops daring him to poke them?

*You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with Jim

And you never, ever touch a police officer, especially in situations like this.

He’s a first-class a-hole both for what he did at the podium & for the continued resisting but he didn’t touch the cop in a threatening manner & as the touched cup is saying, " Don’t touch me", the sargent is grabbing his arm to arrest him. Unless he had already done that once & was told not to touch them methinks the cops were looking for a reason to take him down & he served it up to them.

Tis a shame he can’t be charged with “felony assholedness”; if I were on the jury I’d convict him of that in a heartbeat.

Most pro-gun folks have similar discipline. I video of saw an author of books on how to carry weapons legally in a confrontation with a police officer who (wrongly) believed it was illegal for him to be armed. Whenever the officer said something like “Or would you like me to arrest you”, the response was “I will not resist arrest.”

Actually they’re completely unrelated. For example, I’m generally against gun control, but have no strong feelings on the regulation of anti-guns.

I find it somewhat apt that a pro-gun heckler was behaving like a cock.

Such tyranny! If only he’d had a gun…

The bloke giving the speech was protesting against ILLEGAL attempts to get weapons, had had his daughter killed, and was wounded himself because of the gun culture, the arsehole didn’t just heckle but acted in a threatening manner to the speaker, then poked the cop (I suspect technically assault)…?
The idiot was asking for at the very least a good kicking.

As was the idiot who threatened President Reagan, bloody lucky not to get shot dead IMO.

We live in democracies, we’re allowed to make our opinions known whether they’re to the left or to the right.
It’s how you do it that makes the difference.

If you use violence or aggression to make your point, you’re not getting punished for your opinion, you’re not being punished for expressing your opinion, you’re getting punished for your behaviour.