Anti-persperants & Breast Cancer

According to Dr. David Brownstein, the reason breast cancer appears in the area of the lymph nodes is that they are very close to the iodine receptor sites. Both women and men have six receptor sites in their bodies. Women have three in their breast tissue, one in their thyroid and two in the ovaries, while men have the thyroid, two in the breasts, one in their prostate and two in their testes.

These receptor sites cannot differentiate between any of the halogens and will accept anything to keep itself running, whether it is Flourine (toxic), Bromine (also toxic) & Chlorine (toxic).

Back in the 60’s Iodine used to be in bread flour as a caking agent, but was removed following concerns about radioactive iodine used in medicine. Since that time, the increase in breast cancer and goiter have increased exponentially.

I have no argument with your supposition concerning the elimination of sweating, as it most likely does play a role in immune suppression. There are certainly many possible links to breast cancer, but Iodine has proven to be helpful across the board in treating and stopping cancer of the testes, prostate and breast cancer.

I believe this is the column under discussion.

Iodine is also toxic.

Chlorine isn’t toxic, unless you are referring to chlorine gas (but if any gets in your body it will turn into chloride); significant amounts can be found as an electrolyte in your body (for one, sodium chloride is a neutral salt while sodium by itself forms sodium hydroxide, which would wreck havoc with pH, same for many of the other minerals in your body).

waitaminute- I thought it was supposed to cause Alzheimer’s.

what gives?

That’s because of the aluminum used in the compounds. Different mechanism than cancer, which presumably comes from blocking the pores.

There isn’t really any basis for that either, aside from some circumstantial evidence which isn’t that convincing:

Yeah, sorry I gave that impression. It’s because of the aluminum and aluminum’s supposed link to alzheimer’s.

The real reason breast cancer is disproportionately common in the area of the breast close to the axilla (where lymph nodes are located, and where antiperspirant is used) is that there is more breast tissue there than in other quadrants of the breast. More breast tissue, more chance for cancer to develop.

The strong weight of evidence is against a connection between antiperspirant use and breast cancer.