In the English language, are Jews the only minority group that have a widely-known term for the act of discrimination solely against them?


Antiziganism is one, but it isn’t as common in English. I am sure there are others I cannot think of right now.

Antisemitism literally means “against Semites,” e.g. Jews and Arabs and other Semitic peoples, but is never used that way, so it’s a little unique in that respect.

Islamophobia. Misogyny (though of course technically speaking women are not a “minority”).

“discrimination solely against them.”

not guilty! :smiley:


(Anti-Japanese sentiment.)

It’s also unique in that it was coined by antisemites to describe themselves, in an attempt to give a veneer of scientific respectability to their bigotry. Most of the parallel terms are devised to highlight bigotry, not to conceal it.

That, I suspect, is why it is an incoherent term. “Semitic” is a linguistic term, and if “semitic peoples” means anything at all, it means people who speak semitic languages, which includes not only some Jews and all Arabs, but a variety of other nationalities, including Ethiopians and Maltese. On the other hand, it excludes the great majority of Jews today.

Hence “semitic” and “antisemitic”, despite appearances, are not really opposed terms. “Antisemitic” just means “bigoted against Jews”, and its etymology is nonsensical because it represesents an incoherent attempt to claim a scientific basis for this bigotry.

Oh, and of course anti-Catholicism.

Thanks. Now I’m totally in love with this woman. But I’m pretty sure that word was never in common usage anywhere.

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