Anti-sniper technique - which one to kill first?

I still like run (or crawl stealthily) away.

Calling in arty or fast movers sounds great unless the sniper team is inside a residential building. So what we have here is artificial terrain, that
could be protected by rules of engagement which could rule out blunt force methods.

Ah screw it, lay in some steel rain.


The correct answer is to strip naked, paint yourself blue, and run at them screaming with a claymore.

(Or perhaps not. It’s better to have aspersions cast against your manhood than a high-velocity projectile expelled towards it.)

You don’t run from a sniper.

You just die tired.

As a reasonably brave and not too terribly unintelligent former Cavalryman, I highly recommend it.

Once again, the difference between cover and concealment are grossly misunderstood.

A grade school desk is barely concealment for a grown man. A cinder-block wall is cover. Maybe.

Then again, maybe not.

Okay, sneak. Very slowly.
It will be easy, sliding on excrement all the way.


That’s true for a grown man. However, it is a well known fact that a school desk provides to an individual of short stature sufficient cover against most attacks, especially nuclear missiles.

My advice is to call in a nuclear strike against whoever, spotter or sniper, doesn’t appear to be carrying a school desk. After that, engage the surviving member of the team using the method described by ** Alka Seltzer**. Schoold desks are mostly useless against claymores.