Anti-Static Wriststrap Alternative?

I’m wondering if it’s a regional difference - I’m guessing there’s an UK or EU requirement for electrical items to have a master switch.

Personally, I would never buy a power supply without an external switch. It’s just plain dumb, IMO. And those power supplies are pretty expensive, especially for not having such a basic thing as a switch.

I have built only one PC, but have fiddled with it several times, including going through three power supplies. A 300W, a 350W, and now a 450W. All of them have switches on them. Every ‘use-built’ computer I can remember that I had to notice if there was a switch or not had switch (that is to say, some of them I’ve used might not have had one, but on the ones where I had to fiddle with, I know they had one, cause that’s how I always turn off the power.)

So these PS’s only turn on and off when told to do so by the mobo (which, in turn, is told to do so by the power switch on the case (a soft switch, I might add))? Seems odd to me.

And it can’t be regional, I’ve never even been to the UK, let alone put together computers over there. :stuck_out_tongue: