I need to ground myself

I work in an office with acceptable temperature and humidity. But when I’m wearing a certain pair of shoes, and I walk around the office a bit, then sit back down at my desk and touch my laptop, there’s often a static discharge and the computer itself emits the sound indicating a disconnected device. I’m guessing this is Not Good.

When I talked to the IT guys, they recommended changing shoes, har har. But I like these shoes, they’re really comfortable; it’s the static buildup I want to get rid of. :slight_smile:

Is there an object I could add to my desk that would allow me to ground my body before I touch my laptop? Something connected to the ground pin of my electrical outlet perhaps?

If you’ve a power outlet nearby, the center screw is attached to ground, and touching that should ground you out.
If it’s not quite so near, then you can run a length of wire from that screw to your desk, and touch it there.

How about a co-worker?


Here you go:

Ground Strap and Ground Plug.

You can also get Antistatic Spray for the carpet.

Yes, that’s the perfect solution. The wrist band has a resister in the circuit and will lower the discharge rate so you should not even feel a “snap” as the charge dissipates. However it may not work well if you just plan to touch it before touching your PC as it’s designed to dissipate the charge as it builds up.

You can actually also buy little clip on chains that drag the ground and prevent any charge from building up, supposedly.

I’m thinking I could get just the ground plug and wire it to a metal object on my desk. I don’t mind the shock, it’s not painful.

As for what that metal object could be, well…

( opens up the Bradford Exchange site )

You could hook a ground wire to a thumb tack and put it on your chair. It would ground you automatically when you sat down. :slight_smile:

Your solution would work too, just not as amusing.

buy a an electrical cover plate and ground it to that. Leave it on the floor under your desk and touch it with your shoe. drill a hole in it and run a 1/4 inch metal screw through it to connect the wire. The screw will stick out and seat into the carpet and keep it from moving around.

Sheena is a Punk-rocker, now.

Rather than the wrist worn grounding strap, maybe one on your foot

The advantage of the foot mounted is that, ovvoiusly, it doesn’t get in the way of your hands, and it’s always ‘on’. Set it and forget it, as it were.

Your IT folks have the right answer. Stop wearing those shoes in situations where static discharge is an issue. At times, you’re going to forget to touch your grounding item, and you’re going to zap things. Getting ride of the shoes gets ride of that problem.

I once had to throw away a comfortable set of slippers, because I kept zapping my SO. I tried hard to keep discharging myself, constantly running my hands along door frames and furniture, but it wasn’t enough.