"Anti-Woke" Bank soon to be put to sleep?

“Anti-Woke” Online Bank Immediately Disintegrates Into Chaos (futurism.com)
This bank was for those that think Wall Street is a hive of liberal villainy, I guess. Of course, freeing themselves from all those liberal standards lead to events like " GloriFi failed to meet its own deadlines, with contracting insurance company Unqork filing a lawsuit against the startup, claiming an alleged breach of contract. According to lawsuit documentation viewed by the WSJ , an unnamed GloriFi manager was seen on camera “in a state of undress, on a bed with a companion who was similarly in a state of undress” following a conference call with Unqork." and genius ideas like “a plan to build credit cards out of the same material as shell casing fell apart, according to the WSJ, when the material turned out to interfere with chips and be too thick for point-of-sale systems.”
If you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, there are more details here: How a New Anti-Woke Bank Stumbled - WSJ

Why, could it be, maybe, that to start a successful bank you have to set out to Start. A. Bank. and not to make a political point?

In a massive failure of irony they don’t get BoA, Wells, Citi are not “going woke”, they are reading the changing market and doing what makes them profit upon the change; while it is GloriFi who are being ideological as item Number 1, then counting on “Number 2:???” and then Number 3 “Profit!!!” And presuming that being an obnoxious boss makes companies perform.

But LOL @ brass casing as a material for credit cards.

Though TBH from the WSJ article it seems like it could eventually find its footing but if so it will have become something different.

Waaaaahhhhh? “I pay my bills with bullets, like a 'Murrican should!”?

Somebody read about these and ran with it.

Well you know what they say, “Go Woke or Go Broke”