Antiges?Militaris buffs: How Much civil war Stuff left?

I was watching the Antiques Roadshow last week, and i saw a guy who had a geniune Confederat Army brass buckle-it was worth over $4000! Which leads to my question: the combined confederate and union armies totalled over 1 million men-and all of those guys had belt buckles, muskets, uniforms, etc. Seems like there should be a LOT of this stuff still around (granted-it was 146 tears ago). So is Civil war militaria scarce? is it something that will appreciate alot?

Well, there is a limited (albeit large) amount of the stuff, but the demand is huge, and that drives the price more than anything else. At this point, the condition of the artifact is key. Collectors only want pristine examples of whatever.

It is my understanding that the Confederates had difficulty supplying their troops with uniforms, and many soldiers fought in their civilian clothing. If that is the case then a “Confederate” belt buckle could be somewhat rare.

Is there? I can see bullets, that kind of stuff, but is there of uniforms, swords, guns even?

There is a great deal of this stuff still around. Google “civil war artifacts” and you’ll be surprised by the links. For example at
you can buy guns, swords, uniforms, and even a cannon complete with original carriage - yours today for the low, low, price of only $17,500!