initiate or not to initiate

I have recently been put out of business by a loose group of buyers in a small communtiy of wholesalers. They talk on the phone before the" auction" and attempt to establish an agreed upon price for the commodity. My small company did not “play ball” and has effectively been eliminated as “loose cannon” in the market.

I do not want to commence any action where the only goal is to punish them and not have the potential of benefitting me, due to the physical risks involved in initiating an action resulting in a suit.

Advice from those more experienced sought. Thank You in advance.

A) There is way, way too little information in your OP to allow anyone to offer an intelligent opinion on this.

B) Either way, the proper place for a solicitation of opinions is our forum “In My Humble Opinion.”

Please rethink your post and place it there. I’ll close this copy for you.