Antivirus Download

My computer(Win ME) came equipped with the Symantec Norton antivirus. Thanks to a post on a recent thread, a link to a free antivirus was given, Inoculate IT Antivirus, which (since it was free) I downloaded. Now, I have two questions, along with two antivirus programs.

Since I now have the IT, do I still need the Norton? Norton gives free updates but charges for a “definition” update, apparently. (I’m not sure about that. I haven’t seen any charges yet.) Also apparently, IT doesn’t charge at all.

How can IT furnish free downloads and updates? I haven’t seen any ads yet. Will they start sending me plugs for other stuff they make? (That’s 3 questions.)

I have been using InnoculateIt for over a year now.

  1. I don’t think it is a good idea to use two AV programs at the same time, you could have a conflict.

  2. Innoculate it is free for personal use. If you have a business you can buy multiple licenses for multiple computers.

  3. I have never been bugged by the Computer Associates people to buy anything else.

I think they think that if so many people are happy with the personal edition of InnoculateIt word will get out that it is a good program, and that way they can sell larger packages of the AV to businesses.

I was probably the one who recommended InnoculateIT. :slight_smile:

It’s not a good idea to run to antivirus software programs at once. As Boscibo said, there is a potential for conflicts. However, a technician I work with has said he had no problem running two different antiviruses, so it may have something to do with your setup.