Antivirus that allows for the creation of an up to date boot CD?

I am looking for an Antivirus program that will let me create a bootable CD to scan for viruses. Avast make a product called Avast Bart ( Avast | Download Free Antivirus & VPN | 100% Free & Easy ) but it is prohibitively expensive. Some other AV companies offer bootable CDs for virus removal but don’t update them very often, I would prefer to buy (subscribe to) an antivirus that will allow you to write the latest virus definitions to .ISO and use the CD to run a boot time scan on any infected PC.

Does anybody know of a company that offers this service?

Roll your own using UBCD4WIN.

There are more than a few AV utilities in that. They can update via the internet connection, so you wont need to burn a new one every week.

Also you can run a linux boot disc and run clamav against the Windows drive. Should be possible but Ive never tried.

I had thought of trying UBCD but the downside is that the definitions need to be updated every time you use the CD, also they wouldn’t be able to update on a PC that uses a mobile broadband connection (I doubt it would work over wireless either which would mean carting the PC over to the router in order to run it).

It comes with a lot of drivers. Including wifi but probably not cellular cards.

Avira updates its Antivirus Rescue CD on their website multiple times per day. Avira is the highest rated free antivirus out there (barely edging out Microsoft Security Essentials last I checked.) Even xash’s sticky recommends it.

There are numerous other antivirus boot-cds that will actually go online to update after you boot with them, assuming your Internet connection isn’t too complicated to figure out automatically. I linked to a page that showed a bunch a little while back. I’ll see if I can find it before the edit window closes.