Ants in my pants

ok, So they spray my apartment not long ago, and usually afterward, you see a few more bugs, then most are gone. However this time, after they sprayed, I noticed in my closet (not the kitchen, where the food etc is) a line of ants going from or to my dirty cloths basket to the wall.
The are the small, black kind that I believe are sugar ants. So I vacuum them up and think that is that.

Next I decide to go outside and do a little jogging for exercise, so I grab a pair of briefs out of the basket, they are more comfortable to run in than boxers, and put them on.
Suddenly I start feeling little stings or bites on my most secret places, so I rip of the briefs and they and I am covered with ants. Reminded me of the leech scene from Stand By Me.

I pull all the ants off of me and look at the basket, and see a few ants. I proceed to empty it and there are hundreds of ants there. Why are they there???

I do not eat food in my closet.

So I through everything in the wash and vacuum up all the ants I can find.

So now my “place” itches and I have to put my hands on my pants even more than usual.

So now I have to check my briefs for ants and the like before I put them on.


pardon my diversion from the OP for 2 seconds, but HOLY CRAP you have an AWESOME name! I love MST3000! LOL

anyways, I have the same problem almost constantly. Heck, I’m that guy with pants. There are random things that I have in here. But honestly, we had a bunch for ants in our house not too long ago. Just buy like 50 pounds of pesticide and put it around. Just be prepared to sweep up their little dead bodies…heh heh

I got rid of the ants crawling all over my bathtub. Someone said they come in when it’s dry outside looking for water. Anyway, the thing they hate worst is SOAP. You drizzle a little shampoo, or smush some soft soap into the cracks they seem to congregtate at, and they disappear.

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**pardon my diversion from the OP for 2 seconds, but HOLY CRAP you have an AWESOME name! I love MST3000! LOL

Thanks, my first choice was Torgo, but it was taken, but this one is a close second

Anway thanks for the suggestions, if they come back I’ll give it a try.