Ants vs Humans vs vs Rats vs Roaches

In a battle royal between the four dominant weed species of Earth, who would predict to win? Ants, Humans, Rats, or Roaches?

In what field of endeavor? Basketball? Crawling into small spaces?

Is there an actual battle? Are rats, ants and cockroaches aware of this? Do they fight back or just continue as normal? How does one side win?

Every species is actively trying to destroy the others. After 100 years the total mass of each species is taken. Highest total mass wins.

On that basis, ants. They already outnumber any other species on total mass, and it’s unlikely anything is going to overtake them.

Wikipedia tells me ants have somewhere between 2 - 20x the biomass of humans on earth. I don’t doubt we could half the ant population if we really wanted to, maybe using some form of disease, but if it’s 20x the biomass of humanity we might struggle.

Ants have already won.

This is their world, now…all we can do is hope we leave enough sugar out on the counter that they don’t decide to eat us in our sleep.

Yeah, it’s the ants game to lose.

Well that be us. We are masters at the art of destruction, others not so much.

Ants for sure. They work with the highest degree of cooperation and determination. I admire those little bastards.