Any accounts of CRAZY things vets have been asked to do?

I asked a similar question about alternative medicine practicioners - but there may be something like the same question to ask about vets. The kind of stuff I’m after is a crazy french spinster requesting a vet keep m. foofoo alive, even though he is 18 years old, hairless, blind and demented. Or perhaps a “cat” that is obviously a tiger cub. Or maybe a snake that’s 18 foot long that “loves” its original owner (who has a very large hat).

Moving out of the domestic areana, how about a bull that in normal circumstances would have its balls cut off for aggression and in general seems to be up to no good (and has no special features that would make it worth keeping anyway rationally speaking) - but this one is liked because it’s got a pretty nose and who gives a shit about what vets think.

Or heck what about a random polar bear or penguin, given to the vet because the giver knows no complaint will be made.

Anyway - having read james herriot stories - are there any interesting things like this going on at the moment in vetenary land? Frankly, the answer is OBVIOUSLY YES. So all I can say is if anyone has some but wants to pretending they don’t, then please PM me at least. This is not the place to expose secrets like that but I may be able to elp I suppose… and anyhow fun to know what’s going on.

Read All My Patients are Under the Bed by Dr. Louis J. Camuti.