Any actor in any film

What actor would you like to see in a certian movie (genre)?

I’d like to see Nicholson (younger) in a Western. I don’t know if he was ever in one, but it sounds fun. Just imagining Jack’s voice saying “Reach for the stars, mister” sounds good.

Or perhaps some very dignified actor like Morgan Freeman in a really weird movie, like…I dunno…Killer Klowns from Outer Space. :slight_smile:

Clearly you don’t remember Morgan Freeman standing next to Spider-Man on the old Electric Company TV show.

How many posts will it take for somebody to suggest that Jennifer Love Hewitt should do hard-core porn?

Oops. One. :smiley:

Jack Nicholson westerns:

The Shooting (1966, very good)
Ride In The Whirlwind (1967, decent)
Goin’ South (1978, more of a western comedy, never seen all of it)
The Missouri Breaks (1976, has its moments)

For my own suggestions, I’ll have to think a bit and get back to it.

I think Morgan Freeman should do hardcore porn.

The 1983 Rutger Hauer as Batman.

The 2002 Rutger Hauer as Batman: The Dark Knight.

I think Morgan Freeman should do hardcore porn with Spiderman on the Electric Company set!