Any Albuterol HFA users try Pro-Air yet?

I’ve been taking albuterol for the past ten years or so for sudden attacks. Since I work in a clinic, I know that the albuterol that I’ve taken for years and years is no longer being produced. It’s being replaced with a new type of albuterol which doesn’t harm the atmosphere or something like that.

Anyway, I’ve got a prescription for ProAir HFA waiting at my pharmacy and I’ll go an pick it up tonite. I’ve read a few blurbs on the Internet about how people generally don’t like it because they have to use a lot more than they’re used to and a few other reasons.

Anybody try it? Like it? Dislike it?

I’ve been using it for the past few months. I had two inhalers, one in my bag, one at home. For some reason, the one at home seemed to clog or something, making it pretty much useless.

I don’t know if that’s a consistent problem with it, or just a bum canister or mouthpiece or what. The one that I have that works seems to work just fine. I haven’t noticed having to use more of it, but I try not to use it at all if possible anyway.

According to the pharmacist I work for, people use more of the ProAir because the mist is finer, and it doesn’t feel the same as the old ones when you breathe it - not as forceful, so people think that they need more.

I’ve been using one for the last several months. It does taste different.

Mine has clogged a couple of times, but nothing a little water won’t clean out.

You should be using it with a spacer as well, not just shooting it straight into your mouth. This will vastly improve its effectiveness.

I’ve found that it works better than the old Proventil, but I don’t think it’s generic yet and my Rx plan has a high deductible ($55) for brand name meds. This inhaler costs about $40.