Any animosity between modern Spartans and Helot descendants?

Any travelers to Greece know if the modern-day descendants of Helots, which apparently consisted of Laconians and Messinians among others, harbor any good-natured or otherwise animosity toward their former rivals, the Spartans?

Just watched The Spartans miniseries on PBSHD and the question struck me, as apparently some ill will seems to last awhile amongst some cultures, e.g. Russo-Turkish, Arab-Israeli, Sino-Vietnam, etc.

Considering how Greece was under non-Greek rule from the time of the Romans to the mid-1800s (?) I’d assume that the groups would have buried the hatchet. After all, they *were * all Helenes as opposed to the groups you cite in your question. I’m honesty not sure and I’d like to hear other, more informed perspectives.

That is true, and slavery was common amongst the Helenes, but enslaving other Helenes at the time was unheard of until the Spartans did so, according to the miniseries. Just thought that might have aggravated the situation somewhat.

There are no modern day descendants of the Helotes, or at least nobody identifies as such. So no animosity there.

I know you didn’t ask about it, but there is some very mild hostility from people living in the Northern part of Greece towards the people living in the southern parts. Their main gripe is that most of their tax money is spent on building infrastructure in the parts near Athens and they get nothing in return.