Any blood sugar monitor device that isn't highway robbery?

Those blood sugar monitors operate on the inkjet printer principle. They give the device away for practically free, but they charge an arm and a leg for the test strips.

And those newer strips have a chip with an expiration date hardcoded. I had to throw away a full box of strips just because the date had expired by a couple of months.

So, is there any device that doesn’t screw you with exorbitant strip prices?

Because our nearly worthless health insurance refuses to pay for a monitor/test strips, I use the Walmart brand (Reli-On) BG monitor. The test strips are around $20 for a box of 50. A box of 100 is around $35. I use the Reli-On Micro monitor, which costs around $15. It’s been working for me just fine for several years. Quite accurate.

In the last year or so, Consumer Reports had a story on blood glucose monitors. where they not only covered accuracy & ease of use, but also the periodic cost of using the meters.

As I recall, nearly all of them came out to be acceptably accurate. There were some differences in ease of use. And significant differences in cost. I think the chain brands (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) were cheaper.

I just got a ReliOn Prime at Wal-Mart. Meter was about $16.00 and 50 test strips for $9.00.

I am not in the US. Can I buy the ReliOn device and strips online and have it shipped to me?

I don’t see why not! Go to to find them. You can order online, but I have no idea if they ship to areas outside the U.S.