Any body watch 'Skin' last night?

I think I’ll have to watch a couple more episodes before I decide if this series is worth my time. I can’t believe how many warnings they gave before the show and after the commericals and I didn’t think it was all that racy. I hope they move on from the Romeo and Juliet plot - if that is the whole show I won’t keep watching. Any other thoughts?

The interesting thing I noticed about Skin was how they seemed to be making the porn king a somewhat likable character. It’s considerably tougher than just going the easy route and having him as the villain. It was an interesting twist.

I saw it on tape today, which made it easier to fast forward through all the scenes with the kids.

If anything kills the show, it will be that they are aiming for two entirely separate audiences in one show. I might watch the one about the adults, but it’s not worth my time for half a program.

Will anybody ever watch it again?

I know I won’t. No likable characters (IMO,OC). blech.

My roommate and I tried to watch it for a while. Part way through the episode we had to turn it to something else. I just couldn’t believe that it was so bad. I could not get into the characters and I was not drawn in at all.

Also the lighting sucked. Every character was in bad light most of the time. Production values need to be increased for it to last.

I can’t understand why SKIN got such good critical reviews! It was typical FOX trash.
Oh, it had lots of gratuitous skin (so folks would get all upset about it and generate more publicity). And it had the usual batch of vapid, pretty kids. And it had a “bad” lawman and a “good” porn king, so it was FOX “edgy.”
But Jerry Bruckheimer or no. . . the show sucked. I acutally laughed out loud at the “From Here to Eternity” ripoff roll in the surf. Give me a break!

The good reviews it got were exactly why I watched it in the first place. I thought the roll in the surf was really hokey too. As I said before, I’ll probably give it one more watch before I totally give up on it.

I heard that the ratings for the big FOX Monday Night tanked. The new JOE MILLIONAIRE was fifth in the time period, even behind the WB. And SKIN did even worse. So, good! People do have taste!