Any cell phones have built in male usb connector?

It just hit me that it is stupid that we have to carry around cables for connecting our super cell phones to computers. Technology is evolving to a point where we will be carrying around a single super duper cell phone, camera, ipod, calendar, web browser, video player…But I was just at a friends house and I desperately needed a memory stick to take some files home. If I had my smart phone cable I could have thrown the stuff on there, but i didn’t. Then I thought, why do we still rely on these stupid cables?..Why not take the simplicity one step further and build in a little pop out usb stick right into the cell phones so we don’t need to ever carry a cable around again?

Has anyone done this yet with a cell phone?

Just curious.

Having taken apart my Blackberry 8100, I would have to say there’s simply no space for one. It would have to occupy at least 1/8th of the existing volume of this device, so you’d have to make it significantly bigger in at least one dimension.

The male-A to mini-B cable is so ubiquitous now I am surprised there was nothing you could unplug to plug-in your telephone. Usually people have at least something with a mini-B cable.

Many phones take standard memory cards. So you could take the card out of your phone and put it into the computer’s card reader.

But also, many phones are now BlueTooth aware, so if your PC has a BT adapter, you can just connect them that way (though it’s a relatively slow link).