Any college students here?

What college/university do you attend?
What year are you?
What is your major?
Greek or Independent?

More important, is anyone here from the 18-22 age bracket?

Right now i’m in a community college.
i am technically a sophmore. i have 40 credits
I am working on an associates in nursing degree
I am 23.

Indiana University
Going into my sophomore year
Current major is Music Education (choral, secondary)
I’m not in a fraternity and I don’t plan to join one

I’m in your specified bracket.

What do I win? :stuck_out_tongue:

California State University, Northridge

1st semester graduate student

cultural anthropology

Independent, but my paternal grandfather was a Greek immigrant to this country :smiley:

Sorry, no I’m 44.

University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Currently on Master of Eneringeering in Mechanical
Majored in Chemical and Process
Nether. I knew an Italian once, does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:
Just out of range; 24.

University Of Califorina Santa Cruz,
Finishing my Sophomore year on thursday
Majoring in Film/Digital Media…and im thinking of minoring in Philosophy, and UCSC doesent have much of a Greek scene…well we do, but there was a Pit thread about it a few days ago so I can gladly say I’m an independent.

I’m 21 if that helps (you’er not looking for someone to buy you beer are you?)

IU Bloomington?

UCSC, eh? So you’re in (what folks in Santa Cruz would like to call) the Bay Area. Coolio Doolio. The mean one is a Bay Area resident about 8 mo/yr. To the OP, I just finished finals (woo-frickin’-hoo), start junior year in Sept. and am majoring in English. No, I don’t want to teach. I have a lucrative career as an unemployed writer ahead of me. Not in a sorority (I’d rather not pay for friends), and yup, I’m in your age range. If Garfield gets a prize, I want one too.

University of Melbourne:

Second/Third year.

History and Philosophy of Science/Sociology…double major.

Not Greek, but independent, in the sense that I am not reliant on my folks for financial support.

Heh…I’m a mature-aged student with kids of my own to support. So, no, I’m not in the 18-22 age bracket…I’m a good deal older than that kiddo.


University of Tennessee, Knoxville
3rd semester graduate student
Library & Information Science
As an undergrad, I specifically picked a school that had no Greek system, so independent, even here with their large Greek system.

Nope, I’ll be 30 in September.

Ball State University
5th Year Senior
Secondary Education - English (prefer middle school)
Independent - never did like the idea of the Greek system.
I am 23

San Jose State
5th year Senior
English (possibly teach, still not sure)
Independent- never was outgoing enough for social clubs
I am 22

University of Western Australia
2nd year
Molecular Biology
I’m not in a frat. Don’t know if we even have them.
I’m 19. Why is that so important?

RMIT (Melbourne, Australia)
2nd year
Some bullshit information management degree
No frats in Australia, we can get drunk and laid without attatching three letters to our identity.
I’m 18.

I teach college students.
6 years
33 yrs old.
MA. Phd
Never went greek
Enjoying my first summer without teaching summer sprint sessions. :slight_smile:
Just bought a $700 cat… )Mrs.Phlosphr’s Idea

UC Santa Cruz
Just finished my last class! I graduate on Saturday!
Film and Digital Media (hi fallapart!)

I’m 22

University of Tennessee
Last semester
Political Science
Never was a fan of paying for my friends.

And I’m right outside of the age bracket.

I’m a 21-year-old sophomore at the University of Kentucky, going into my third year. I major in economics and philosophy and am part of no fraternal organization.

University of Texas at Dallas
30 years old
2nd year (3rd semester)
Cohort MBA program
no frats for me, even if they did have grad student frats at UTD

University of La Verne
Just finished my 2nd year.
English with an emphasis in Creative Writing