Any comic superheroes based in San Francisco?

…None come to mind, except the Teen Titans. And I think an incarnation of"X-Force" used to be based there, awhile ago.

Anyone else I’m missing?

Weren’t the old Champions (from Marvel) based in SF?

Zev Steinhardt

I’m pretty sure they were. Also, Daredevil moved to San Francisco for about 40 issues (about #75 forward)


I think one of the incarnations of Spidergirl was there, too.

I swear that whenever Venom became a superhero (ugh) he moved to SF.

What about the Power Company?

You mean Spider-Woman, IIRC.

“It is an odd thing, but everyone who disappears is said to be seen at San Francisco” – Oscar Wilde

I’m pretty sure the Champions (Angel, Iceman, etc.) were based in Los Angeles.

Spider Woman (Jessica Drew) was based in SF.

Wasn’t DC’s Coast City the DCU analog to SF? Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) was based there, wasn’t he?

Ambiguously Gay Duo

and if they aren’t they should be

That was my impression. Also, Wonder Woman’s Gateway City (John Byrne era) and Captain Marvel’s Fawcett City both seemed to feature the Golden Gate Bridge. I really liked the idea of Mr. Tawky Tawney wandering around Haight Street unnoticed.

The Teen Titans are currently based in SF.

the Black Widow hung out in SF with Daredevil during this time. Also, the Shroud, Tigra and “Werewolf by Night” were in the city by the bay at least during the run of the original “Spider-Woman” series.