Any Connection Between Hyderabad India and Hyderabad Pakistan

I was wondering if there is any connection other than two cities which happen to have the same name?

The Wikipedia says Hyderabad, Pakistan was founded in 1768 and Hyderabad, India seems to be even older.

Now I realize before the late 40s there was no Pakistan it was all India, or British India, or Prince ruled states, so it seems like they had two cities with the same name in British Ruled India. Which I guess isn’t that strange.

But I was wondering if the cities have any connection other than the same name?

Nope. Entirely different histories, except that both are in Muslim-dominated areas, so share a fairly obvious Islamic name: Hyderabad means “City of Haidar,” Haidar (lion) being a nickname for Muhammed’s cousin and son-in-law, Ali ibn Abi Talib. One or both of the cities might be named after some other Haidar, of course.

Lots of migrants from Hyderabad India, settled in Hyderabad Pakistan.