Any consumer electronics still made in Japan?

Up to about 15 years ago, if you bought some piece of consumer electronics – a television, a clock radio, a stereo, a VCR or something else – nine times out of ten, it usually made in Japan. Today, if you buy any consumer electronics, with only a few exceptions, it’s all made in China. Sometimes you’ll find a Korean or Taiwanese product, and occasionally some specialty item made in the US. I have a cordless phone that was made in Germany. I’ve seen nothing on store shelves, though, that’s made in Japan anymore.

Are there any consumer electronic items widely available for sale in North America that are made in Japan? The only things I can think of are some ham radio transceivers and some digital cameras.

My company makes parts for consumer electronics in Japan, but we make the chips, not the final product. Final assembly for consumer products tends to be moved to wherever labor costs are lowest.

The most labour intensive part of consumer electronics is final assembly - that’s done in China. Chip fabrication is a capital intensive process and is usually done in first world countries.