Any correlation between cold weather and achy bones/joints?

Is it a proven fact that there is a connection? Specifically, do people that have had many broken bones or joint injuries feel worse in cold or damp weather?

I have been having a lot of pain in my left arm since the cold weather has set in—I broke that arm last year and it has more metal in it than a toaster-oven. Hardly bothered me at all till these last couple of cold weeks.

I’m proving it right now.

My surgeon, (Indelicato, a knee maestro), told me many years ago that I would have a sore knee when I got older. He was right, but it wasn’t the one he operated on. The “good” knee gets sore. The “bad” knee is giving me no problems – yet. Does what I just told you make sense in ordinary circumstances? Not one bit.

In a nutshell, yes. Every joint injury (back especially) feels better in hot weather. I guess heat makes the oil in your joints flow better, eh, or something?