Any CSN fans on the Dope? (pref. ones in the NYC area who'd want to see them live)

Really looking forward to catching them on their Beacon run. Haven’t seen them in at least twenty+ years. Anyone take them in lately? Voices still there?

Also, friends ended up cancelling at the last minute. I just posted their tickets to Stubhub (a pair of Loge for Friday night), but if any NYC area Dopers want to take them at face, PM me.

I saw them in Atlanta in May. They were very good. They sounded great together and were very energetic with great banter with the crowd. It was at the Fox, very intimate, very good acoustics. I will see them again in August in Clearwater. I’m looking forward to it.

Very nice. I don’t know if you’ve been to the Beacon, but it’s an incredible, storied venue. Just can’t wait.

Clearwater? Heh, we just caught the Clearwater Festival a month or so ago, but that’s a Pete Seeger shindig.