Any Denver area Dopers interested in getting together for a meal over Memorial Day weekend?

I decided to drive out to Colorado this next weekend for a couple of reasons. I have a new car and I thought driving among some mountains would be lots of fun. And I want to enjoy a recreational experience that isn’t available legally almost anywhere else. Enough said about that, though I have no intentions of trying the two simultaneously.

Right now, it’s a bit up in the air when I will depart from here. It’s about a 14 hour drive, and I may leave very early Friday morning, or even take a long nap after work on Thursday and get on the road before midnight. It won’t bother me to do most of the driving through Iowa and Nebraska at night.

I do have a target initial location – Biker Jims in Larimer St in Denver. There are also a couple of retail outlets in the immediate vicinity that I plan to visit. I will be around for another couple of day just cruising around and seeing what there is to see. Any thoughts about interesting drives will be appreciated.

As this is short notice and also a holiday weekend, it seems the odds of getting together are fairly low. But I thought I’d ask. I expect to be a Biker Jims sometime from mid-afternoon to early evening, but I can narrow that down if anyone wants to puck a more specific time.

Also, any thoughts on cheap hotels on the Denver area?

I’m actually going to be in Colorado then, but not sure if I’m available. Which would be ironic, eh?

I’m wandering around this week, and Keystone overnights from Saturday to Wednesday.

The general scheme for me is that I’ll relax Friday night after the long drive and head west for a day of driving among the mountains on Saturday. Everything else is kind of up in the air. I have to be back at work Wednesday morning, but my finances are kinda marginal so I don’t know that I want to pay for 4 nights in a hotel. I might head home earlier.

I’ll be activating a cell phone for this trip and I’ll PM you a number when I have it. It’d be nice to have a meal together after years of missing each other by an hour or by a day.

Sounds good, I’ll probably be available Saturday afternoon in Denver proper, have to pick people up at the airport around four.

Just like to mention to Colorado dopers, that I’m from Minnesota and he’s from Wisconsin.

Any locals around on Saturday?

Hmmm … how about a Saturday breakfast or brunch? I’m thinking I would be heading out of Denver Saturday morning. I might be back in the evening, but am I correct in thinking you’ll be hanging out with the people you hook up with at the airport?

Otherwise, maybe something on Sunday?

Damn, I 'd love to, but we are camping in Buena Vista that weekend.


I’m on vacation in Texas this week and won’t be coming back to D until next Monday. :frowning:

There is no such thing as a cheap hotel in Denver - at least not one that is safe and clean. But if you are willing to pay approx. $80/night, I suggest these two. Both are close to downtown, but don’t have the downtown prices:

Holiday Inn - Denver East

Hyatt Place - Denver/Cherry Creek

I have had travelers stay in each of these properties and gave them the thumbs up.

Have a great trip - Denver is awesome! (Bring rain gear, though, this weekend is expected to be a little wet)

I found a room for $52 a night at a place called Extended Stay America in Greenwood Village, about 15 miles south of downtown. It has a small kitchenette, free parking and free wifi. I decided it was a good enough deal that I got 3 nights.

Friday – arrive, eat and crash.
Saturday – Do some driving among the mountains and return to Denver for an evening Rockies game, and crash
Sunday – ???
Monday – Drive back through Kansas City and stay overnight with friends.
Tuesday – finsh drive back to Madison in time to rest so I’m not totally fried returning to work Wednesday.

For a nice drive through the mountains, I’d recommend taking I-70 west to Central City Parkway (exit 243). Go north to Central City, then turn left on Hwy. 119. Take 119 to Hwy. 46 (Golden Gate Canyon Road) and turn east. Stop at Golden Gate Canyon State Park (be sure to visit Panorama Point for spectacular views of the Continental Divide to the west). Get back on Golden Gate Canyon Road and drive to Golden. Take the free tour of Coors Brewery then head back to Denver.

Any idea how long a drive this is – in time rather than distance? It sounds real interesting.

It depends on how many stops you make and how long you spend at each stop, but I would say allow a minimum of 3-4 hours (and that’s if you hurry). You could easily spend half a day or more- and Golden Gate Canyon State Park could be pretty crowded on Saturday. An early start would probably be a good idea.

That’s an ideal time, and I wouldn’t be hurrying. I looked at the Coors website and they have tours on Saturdays, which was the first potential problem I thought of.

By the way, here’s a thread about legal recreational activities in Colorado.

I’m in Boulder and went to school in Madison. I’d love to meet up. but I’m going to be in Seattle this weekend.

I mapped this out in Google, and it’s 3 3/4 hours (155 miles), so your estimate is solid. I’m going to take this drive on Saturday. Thank you.

Anyone have thoughts for a Sunday drive – maybe more toward the southwest?