Any difference breading food using milk vs. eggs?

Made pork chops last night. Flour, then an egg with some milk beaten into it, then bread crumbs. I started to wonder how much difference, if any, it makes to use just milk, or just beaten egg, or a mix of the two, in the 2nd step.

I kinda want to ask Alton Brown. If anyone would know how the different proteins affect the final outcome, it’d be him.

But imma ask y’all instead!

Well, the first thing that comes to mind from my experience is how well the breading sticks to the food being coated, after that differences in cooking, taste and texture, and possibly appearance of the finished dish

We’ve been using dijon mustard in step 2. Seems to stick pretty well, and adds some flavor as well.

Why not just try it each way yourself?

I would expect egg to stick a little more firmly. I’d also expect them all to taste a little different. But this DOES seem like a fun experiment to try at home.

The egg makes a thicker coating, I would think. I have had problems with thicker breading falling off the food.

I’m basically asking if anyone here has already done so. There’s just 2 of us in the household, so it’s not like I’m breading vast quantities of anything at once.

I use mayonnaise and panko bread crumbs. Easy and delicious.

I don’t mix meat and dairy, so I bread with eggs, mustard and panko crumbs. Turns out great.