Any digital TV tuners on a chip?

I’ve always been fascinated by those portable little CRT TVs (the 2-3" size ones), because they were always outrageously expensive when I was growing up. But they don’t work in the US anymore of course since they all have analog tuners.

External digital tuners entirely eliminate the point of a cool, sleek portable. Are there any tiny digital tuners on a chip I could wire internally into one of these? I’m pretty good with a soldering iron.

there are very good 7 inch units that get digital and analog for the USA. i’ve seen these at about $50 retail some time ago.

I’m not really interested in watching tv portably (I don’t really watch tv), and I hate lcds and am a CRT fanatic, really only interested in making one of those mini tube tvs work again.

The only digital tuner chips that I have seen are the kind that need a lot of support circuitry, and unless you want to do some major surgery on the TV’s front-end receiving circuitry you’ll want something that converts a digital signal to NTSC format (instead of vertical/horizontal sync and all that).

One thing that you could do is find a small DTV converter box (maybe get it on EBay since you won’t know if would fit) and put the circuit board inside of the TV; I have found some (basic models) that are pretty small, maybe 3x4 inches excluding the power supply; power could be taken from the TV’s supply, probably 6-12 v for that size (I know one used 5 and 3.3 v which could be easily stepped down).

How about something that transmits on the same channels that the analog system used?