Any discussion of a Sid Meier's CIV 7 game in production or coming out soon?

Since I’m hateplaying civ 6 (it took the gathering storm expansion for me even to find the game tolerable) I’m wondering if there’s been any rumbling of a civ 7 game coming out soon or even one in production that I’ve missed … cause it’s about time for and I’m ready to move on …

Have you seen Humankind?

I have it on my wishlist waiting for a sale.

Looks like a straight up Civ knockoff, perhaps a especially good one, but a knockoff nonetheless.

To the OP, this is all I’ve seen: It sure looks like Civilization 7 is getting underway at Firaxis | PCGamesN

Humankind is okay, I guess. It’s not any better than Civ VI. It might be a little more dull, which is saying a lot, because Civ VI is dull.

I have a suspicion no Civ game will ever be all that great anymore. They’ve become far too laden with mechanics that distract from the actual fun of the game. A Civ VII that was better than VI would have to actually make the game a bit more streamlined, as opposed to adding things (Tourism??)

The Firaxis ad for a developer does not look promising:

“…driven to find new ways of storytelling within our genre.”

No, you don’t need that for Civ. The game should allow the PLAYER to tell their own stories.

6 wouldn’t be so bad with some tweaks …like making the wonders useful again like the pyramids counting as a granary or the great library counting as a library and getting rid of the city-planning aspect of it…and letting the workers/engineers be automated again I know its more historical for the traders to make the roads but still

the gathering storm expansion did help make it a better game
heck, even a few tweaks to the good things they let you do would help … I mean what’s the point of units not needing transports if all they do is get killed by barbarians the minute they enter the water?

I think Humankind is a great take on a Civ game. Very civ-like, but also a lot of fresh ideas. Not all of those new ideas are great, but I appreciate the freshness.