Any doctors here- need advice on cut ear

So I was cutting my boyfriends hair last night at about 10pm and I accidentally cut his ear. I don’t think it cut into the cartilage but it did make about a quarter inch long football shaped cut or possibly a slice off the skin that covers the cartilage. This is a picture of it Imgur: The magic of the Internet the football shaped red area is the cut and the rest is just blood. It stopped bleeding after a couple minutes and after it happened I cleaned it with alcohol and put a steri-strip on it. I spoke with a physician assistant over the phone who thought it would probably heal fine without stitches but I couldn’t show her the picture of it. I am wondering if any doctors here can tell me if it needs stitches to heal correctly and if he doesn’t get stitches how long it will take to heal on it’s own? He is worried he might have to walk around with a bandage on his ear for months. I also don’t know if he can still get stitches as I have read from different places it’s anywhere from 4 to 12 to 24 hours- to 5 days after the cut that you can get stitches.

IANAD, but it looks ok to me. As long as its not actively bleeding I think you’ll be fine. Keep it clean and dry. If it starts swelling or being very painful you might need to see a doctor.

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IANAD, but there’s no MIGHT about it. If you have any concern about it at all, get thy fuzzy butt to the physician promptly.

There is an overabundance of caution and there is out and out paranoia. I think this falls into the latter. It looks like an extremely minor wound. Jesus, if i went to the doctor every time i scraped my elbow or smashed my finger, I’d be, well, I’d be going to the doc all the time. :slight_smile:

IANAD, but that does not look like an injury that requires stitches, and it should heal quickly. It may not even leave a scar, in time.

Just have him keep it clean and it should be fine.


Another vote for not bothering the doctor.

But you really should photoshop a jumping spider into that earhole.

Superficial and very likely not even stitch-able. Keep it clean and help your boyfriend find a new barber.

I first read this that you were cutting his hair at 10mph.

I know there are some doctors on this board, can any here comment on this?

What does the ear look like today?

It appears to be extremely superficial. A good cleaning with antibacterial cleanser and dressing enough to cover and stop oozing is sufficient. No need for sutures if the pic is truly representative.

IAAD, but I’m basing that just on the pic and your description. Even so, I’m over 99% sure nothing alarming is going on.

I don’t think I was able to quite make the ends meet and close the would completely before I put the steri-strip on, can it heal ok with the steri-strip touching the open would or would it be better to cover it with a band aid?

If he’s embarrassed about it, a Band-Aid would be OK, but it would probably just be OK to leave it open as well. It looks like the kind of thing that will heal from the bottom in a matter of days.

It looks superficial enough that the skin will grow over easily, but it’ll do it easier if a steri strip is not touching it. Leave it open once it’s scabbed, or cover with a clean dry bandage.

I am concerned that pulling off the steri-stip now will rip off any scab or blod clot that has formed, and could delay healing, will it still heal ok if we leave the steri-stip on?

If you don’t remove the steri-strip, it will heal over and around it, and then his body will go to rather uncomfortable means to expel it.

It may pull off the scab, but don’t worry about it. It will heal.

take it off, it’ll be fine.

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Any doctors here–need advice on cut ear
take it off, it"ll be fine

It should heal fine but if it shows any signs of not getting better I would pull the doctor option.

And I probably wouldn’t let you cut my hair (had I any) in the future. :wink:

Take off the steri-strip sooner rather than later. The more it starts to heal around and over it, the more it will hurt to take it off.

IANAD, but I’ve treated lots of superficial wounds, and I agree with everyone else. Just keep it clean and dry and it should be fine. If it were on me, I would cover with a bandage only because if I didn’t, I would pick at the scab. But just the natural scab will be fine for it if he can leave it alone.

Oh, and if it’s worse than the photo makes it appear, you might want to smear a little bacitracin jelly on it before putting the bandage on. That will keep the bandage from sticking to the wound, and make it less painful to change the bandaid from time to time. Plain petroleum jelly is probably okay, too, but your tube of bacitracin is probably clean on the inside.

I am not sure what you mean by “it will heal over and around it”, can you explain it in a different way?