Any Dominion players here?

Just as a note, that’s not a special rule for 2-players. The rule for curses is always 10 per player beyond the first. So 10 in 2 players, 20 in 3 players, 30 in 4 players.

Neither. It means that you have 2 additional coins to spend on your turn. You can spend them both on the first card, both on the second, or split them up.

Just to be sure when you say all the victory cards, you aren’t including the Gardens right? Gardens are only used when they are one of the ten kingdom cards selected.

Think of it like you have a pool of money to spend each turn, and each +money or coin increases that pool. So if you have a Woodcutter, two copper and a silver in play, you will have a total of up to 6 money that can be divided into up to two buys.

You might be confusing the buy process.

For example, if you have a gold and two coppers in your hand, and you have already a played a card that says “+1 buy” that means you may buy up to 2 cards, for a combined total of up to 5 coins. You may NOT buy two things that each cost 5 coins. If you had also played a card that says “+2 coins” during your action phase, you would then have 7 total coins to spend. You could buy a market and an estate, but not two markets. If you somehow had 10 coins total, you would then be able to buy 2 markets.

Thanks, this helps a ton.

I haven’t used Gardens yet and I do get that part(thanks).

No, I got it. At least I think I do.

If my hand is:

3 Coppers = 3
1 Silver = 2
2 Golds = 6

I could buy a Card worth 4 and one worth 5. 2 separate purchases.

In fact, if you want, can’t your second purchase just be a Copper(costs 0) if you so choose? Or, heaven forbid, a Curse?

Yes, that’s exactly right.

Amusingly, there are a few game situations where buying a Curse is the right move. Spoilered, in case you want to figure it out yourself:

  1. Buy a Curse to empty the curse pile and end the game on three piles when you’re ahead by more than 1 VP.

  2. Buy a Curse to put yourself just over the next level for Gardens, raising the value of all of them.

There are other situations, too, but I think they’re much rarer, and won’t come up with just the basic set.

For what it’s worth, my husband and I got original Dominion, plus two additional sets (Intrigue and something about the Sea/Harbor?), all in one fell swoop as a gift. He had the original game on his wishlist due to positive reviews on BoardGameGeek and elsewhere, and we had never played it before.

So, while we were both learning it cold from the box, the game was still social, no?

For awhile, we lived quite a distance from his game-playing friends and family, so we had to explore things on our own (hence an interest in the reviews at BGG). While I don’t assume all people buy or receive games in this fashion, I wouldn’t assume it was none or an insignificant amount. Just like any other purchase, people can get taken in by an attractive box (and the game illustrators hope you do!), and it seems to be a reasonable expectation that the rulebook makes it possible to learn a game cold without any experienced player talking you through it.

Back to the subject of Dominion, I think it’s a great game. I’ve heard others not like it because it feels too much like you’re playing solitaire (ie, your actions don’t always impact the other player(s)), but I’m okay with that pretty much because it’s the only game we have like this. So, for me, rather than a criticism of the game, it’s a novelty.

With the expansion cards, there are even more reasons sometimes.

2 of my favorites:

[spoiler]1. In a lean deck with an Ambassador, buy a curse to send curses to your opponents (remember, returning the curse to the pile is optional).

  1. With a Watchtower in hand, and extra buys but no coins, buy curses and immediately trash them with the Watchtower, thus depleting the curse pile so you don’t get hit with them later.