Any doper bikers visit the Isle of Man for the TT festival?

It’s probably a long shot but it occured to me that there are bound to be bikers on the SDMB. And the TT is about the biggest bike racing festival there is (or just in Europe maybe). It’s probably the Bike equivalent of F1’s Monaco Grand Prix.

So do any of you SDMB bikers visit?

Biker checking in. I love the Isle of Man TT, dangerous as though it may be. But I don’t have any plans to come over for it, although the IOM is certainly on my list of places-to-visit. Perhaps during an all-British-Isles-Bike-Tour someday.

I thought after posting that thread. If I get one reply it will be from you Coldfire :smiley:

Talking of the danger. There are people here who want to abolish it. Personally I think the bikers know what they’re letting themselves in for and it does the Island’s economy a heck of a lot of good.

Anyway, not being a bike person I don’t know how it compares to other motorbiking ‘events’. but being a resident of the Isle of Man I know how much of a big deal it is and how much people seem to love the TT. So definately come over during that all British Isles tour… That goes for other dope bikers.

It compares extremely well to other events. In fact, it’s usually considered to be the world’s greatest road race for motorcycles and has a pretty illustrious history although I don’t think it’s equivalent to the Monaco GP. It’s a different kind of crowd and totally different event to the MotoGPs which are Monaco’s equivalents (although I understand Monaco is a proper road race like the TT whereas the MotoGPs aren’t). I was there in '98 and '02. Hopefully I can be back the year after next as well.

It must surely be the biggest event of the year for the island no?

So Coldie, are you going to be at the Dutch TT in Assen? Less than three weeks to go!

I might - it’s the last weekend before my holiday, and I have tons of things to arrange before that. But perhaps I’ll ride up North for GP Sunday if I can manage it.

Getting to the Isle of Man for the TT is pretty much my dream vacation. I will do it someday. And I want a bike while I’m there – I’ve gotta ride the course, naturally.

Kind of hard to arrange to get there from New York with a bike, though. But I’ll figure it out one of these days.

Fly to London, hire a bike and take the ferry. It only cost me about £100 IIRC. Shipping a bike is only worthwhile when you’re going RTW or trans-continent.