Any Doper in my corner of the world?..Any planning to visit?

I live in Istanbul, Turkey, and would be delighted to meet or host you guys here!

Merhaba, Zoom!

Haven’t been there in four years (pre~earthquake). I love Turkey, though, & plan on another visit in 2002.

Merhaba Carina…
I am sure you know that the earthquake - though a major catastrophe indeed - has not left any noticeable effect on the city of Istanbul…

The town is still rocking, and a rocking town of 13 million people is probably an interesting prospect for those of you who have heard about a place calle dIstanbul, but have no idea what it is like!
Come and see for yourselves…

By the way Carina…where r u from?

Too bad, Zoomie, you didn’t post this about seven months ago. I spent a wonderful six days in Antalya during a port visit. Would’ve loved to meet you.

Can you send me some apple tea?

Sure Chief…
Just gimme your mailing address.

I thought that was Constantinople.

you are right spritle, it was!!!

Even old New York was once New Amsterdam.
Why they changed it, I can’t say.
People liked it better that way.

Zoom, I’m in Denver now.

I spent four years growing up in Turkey. (Ankara, Bodrum, Izmir…a long long time ago!) My father lived in Uskudar, right on the Bosphorus, across from one of the Luna Parks. When he died, I had him cremated and scattered his ashes from a boat there. I visited him twice while he was living there, and we did a great trip up to Sile on the Black Sea once. Gorgeous.

Sorry, I can’t do the little ‘’ things for proper Turkish spelling!

Got to get back to work!


Istanbul is on the top of my list of places I want to see.

My husband thinks I’m somewhat insane (“Why not Italy, France, Australia?”) but is willing to indulge me. I would like to see all of those other places, but I’ve heard so many good things about Istanbul that it’s gotta be first.

We will probably make it a priority next summer (2002), once our daughter will be old enough to be manageable.

I had a date in Constantinople . . . But he was waiting in Istanbul.

Zoom, how does one GET there? I imagine it involves being in an airplane for at least a month . . . Are there any nice ships I could take from New York? The Mauritania? The Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse? [looking up my Cunard Lines schedule]

A boat from new york would be almost impossible to find. And anything you do manage to find would involve some stops and connecting cruises etc. and cost several thousand dollars,plus a week or more of your precious time.

THere are direct flights to Istanbul from New York (Delta, Turkish Airlines), Chicago and Miami(both Turkish Airlines).

A direct flight from New York to Istanbul lasts about 11 hours.
You can get connecting flights to Istanbul from any town in the USA, with any American or European airline, mainly with connections in some major European city.

By the way Eve…if you are coming here to meet your date…would a post in the “Long Distance Botty Calls” thread might be in order huh??


Your hubby will think differently once you get back home from the visit. Let me know next summer - if we are both around here of course :slight_smile: and I will try to make your visit more pleasant and worthwhile!!!


Nice to know you…
UNtil I got married, I used to walk rght beside that lunapark in Üsküdar every morning and evening cause it was right on my commuting route!!
(Little exciting details)

Another interesting detail for the general Doper:
My commuting route used to cover two continents:I lived in Asia and worked in Europe!