Any Dopers in or near Houston, Texas?

Posted by permission of the mods.

I’d like to get a copy of a particular dissertation in the University of Houston library, and the staff there has proven remarkably unhelpful via email. My local library and Interlibrary Loan now say they can’t get it for me under any circumstances. None of my Texas friends ever get to Houston.

If you have the time and opportunity on your next trip to Houston (whenever that may be), please copy Donald B. Connelly’s 2003 UH dissertation “Political Soldier: John M. Schofield and the Politics of Generalship.” No hurry, but it would be nice to get this someday.

PM me if you have any questions. Many thanks!

I know of one; I will ping him…

Handy recent Houston Doper reference thread…

Have you tried contacting the US Army Heritage & Education Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania? Apparently they also have a copy and they might be more cooperative.

Thanks; I’ll check it out.

Interlibrary Loan didn’t come up with that. If this thread doesn’t work out, I may try them. Thanks.

Central Houston Doper here. I work nights and weekends and probably can help, I am surely willing to.

I am OTOH, slammed at work through Sunday and pulling 12-16 hours a day. How about a PM on Monday if no one else can come through for you?


Great. If you don’t hear from me by then, assume I’ll need your help. Many thanks!

Have you tried contacting the author and/or his advisor? Most people would be tickled pink to get a request for their dissertation, and would happily forward you a copy.

Alternately, it looks like this thesis was also turned into a book. If the book is the same thing, you should be able to get the book via interlibrary loan from any number of places. This link lists ~800 libraries with it, conveniently searchable by location.

No, haven’t found him.

Thanks. That seems to be different from the dissertation, according to my local library staff. I’d like to see the dissertation.

If the library is open on Monday I’ll get a copy.

I’ll take a shot at it as well.

ETA: It’s onAmazon, but it ain’t cheap.

Many thanks. Let’s see if Capt Kirk can do it, since he offered first - if not, pravnik or Clothahump, I may turn to you.

Any luck, Capt Kirk?

Hey all, just have been very busy and sorry for the delay. I will try to get to the library today.


Yanno, you guys use this thing called a “Transporter” that allows you to traverse great distances almost instantaneously.

Just sayin’…

It’s really nice to see Dopers stepping up to help solve an IRL problem. Sometimes, nothing replaces walking up to someone’s desk and holding out your hand.


I have to get a special library card from my public library and then i will go and check it out from U of H, scan it and then can email. Gimme a couple of days. Called U of H library today, very helpful.

Sorry for the delay


Many thanks!

Gray Ghost has sent me a .pdf file of the document, so thanks anyway, but don’t bother.

I thought I sent a copy of the book that was made from the dissertation, not the dissertation itself. I thought that you said the book wasn’t exactly what you wanted, but I figured it could tide you over until Capt Kirk or I were able to get the actual dissertation from UH. If you’re fine, that’s great, but if not, let me know and I’ll try to get there on Monday.