Any Dopers in Wytheville, Virginia?

It is a little town. I leave North Carolina and move there.

fizzy and I aren’t far from it, relatively speaking. It’s exit 70 on I-81. We’ll probably pass it on our way to Dope-a-Ween. 2 and a half hours into our drive, give or take a bit.

“Relatively speaking” is the key term, there.

There’s a few Dopers in the Tri-Cities area, IIRC, and that’s probably as close as you’re gonna get. I used to be down there (I’m in MD these days), but moved out of that corner of the world about 6 months before becoming a Doper.

I’m a Johnson City Doper. Is that close enough for ya?

In these parts, being 4 hours away is close enough. What else are we gonna do, watch nascar all day?

Don’t forget ETSU Buccaneer football! We won our last homecoming game! WOOHOO!

I drive right through it when I go from Charlotte area of NC up to NY.

When I’m at home, I’m not too far from Wytheville. I live in Kingsport. How far away that actually is, I can never remember because I don’t usually drive up there. Not too far away, though, since I consider it a major landmark on my drive to and from school. That’s where I get back on I-81 and zoom right back home (or hit I-77 and go through West Virginia, whatever).

Myself and another Doper are roommates at Virginia Tech (in Blacksburg). Not too far away.

Wytheville is the UFO capitol of Virginia. Supposedly it is quite a common thing to spot possible alien saucers overhead. I think you can even get UFO t-shirts at a local truck stop on Interstate 81.
Whenever I pass through heading south from Charlottesville, I keep an eye on the sky.

Hey! I know where Kinsport, Johnson City and Blacksburg are located. That is pretty cool! Who knew there are so many Dopers in that area.

TygerDralion, I was up at Appalachian State University when ETSU last played them for App’s Homecoming; I didn’t see the game. There was some wild partying that night though in the streets of Boone. It is good to hear you guys won your last Homecoming game.

Biotop, I saw there is going to be a UFO lecture in Wytheville next year. This struck me as somewhat odd. Now I get it. Hmmmm…I was going to use a short cut to get to work that would involve driving on backroads and not Interstate 81. Given this new information, that may not be a good idea. Isolated country backroads and UFO activity don’t mix. ::eek: :smiley:

Holy cow! A Johnson City Doper? When did this happen? Why am I the last to know? How did this happen? This is crazy!

I live in Telford. I work at the Johnson City Medical Center.

Well, well… How did this happen… Well, about 22 years ago, my mom and dad… no, wait, I’m sure you’ve already figured out that part… 9 1/2 months later (hey, I didn’t wannna go anywhere, I was comfy!) the baby Tyger was born in Kingsport. Her mommy and daddy took her to Johnson City after leaving the hospital, and she has lived there ever since!

Then, 4 months ago, a revelation came upon me. That revelation was “Cecil.”

I’m sure you can figure out the rest! :slight_smile:

What do you do at the med center, if you don’t mind me asking? When I get out of school, I plan to be there.

Nothing says a birthday quite like registering for the SDMB:)

[sub]Taking that timeline literally, though perhaps I shouldn’t.[/sub]

Well, is 16 days after my 21st birthday close enough?

Now you can have a beer with your Cecil!

Short answer, I am the PBX Coordinator for Telecommunications.

Where do you plan to be in the JCMC after school?

Hopefully one of the following (my interests at the moment):

Flight Nurse
ER Nurse
OR Nurse

Of course, that may change once I actually get into the College of Nursing and start doing my clinicals.