Any Dopers out there SureFire flashlight fans?

I just picked up a SureFire 6P as a companion piece to my Inova X0 and X5 (I wanted a pocketable incandescent with good throw and a beam you can actually use as a companion to my long-running LED based lights…)

dear OG is this light cool!, at just over 5" long and about 5 Oz. in weight, it’s so small and light i forget it’s in my pocket, yet it puts out a beam that’s just as bright (and more usable) as my 20" long, 3 pound 6-D cell Maglite (the link only references the 3/4 cell Mags, the 6 is essentially the same, just longer and a little brighter)

comparing the two side-by-side, the SureFire is just plain cooler, the Mag looks very basic, plain, and utilitarian, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s a good, solid flashlight, it’s not trying hard to be fancy, just a rugged, solid light…

the SF, however looks, and feels like a precision-crafted instrument, a fine quality tool, where every little feature has been scrutinized, analyzed, and optomized, it feels like a tiny, metal jewel, little details like the momentary-on reference dimples on the body and tailcap, the checkering that’s just right, a perfect balance between grip and smoothness, the scratch-resistant Pyrex glass lens, it’s hard to put into words the look and feel of a SF light, everything looks and feels just right

when you light this puppy up, and see the blindingly bright, absolutely flawless beam coming from a little 5" long pocket light, you’ll be stunned, the smooth, natural beam of light with a perfectly focused hotspot tapering off to a smooth, even spill light , it’s so much better than the artifacty Mag-Lite beam full of dark spots and anomolies

and at 65 Lumens for the stock P60 bulb (120 Lumens for the P61), it’s bright enough to temporarily blind a potential assailant, be it of the two-legged or four-legged variety

and the fact that all SureFire lights (from the entry level G2 Nitrolon, all the way up to the 10X Dominator) are built to withstand the shock of gunfire is just plain cool

the downside? all this power in a tiny package comes at a cost, battery runtime (or lack thereof), with the P60 bulb, the 6P has about an hour of runtime on a pair of 3V CR123a cells, 20 minutes for the P61, this is one place where the 6D Mag outperforms the SF, total runtime, a 6D mag can run about 9 hours on a set of fresh D-cells, although most of that runtime is below 50% brightness, the Mag starts off bright, but rapidly dims to around 50% brightness, the SF stays above 50% for it’s first hour

long story short, if the excrement hit the air circulating device and i could only choose one incandescent light (and one LED light, my Inova X5), it would be the SureFire 6P

any other Dopers fans of the SureFire lights?

Note to self…
self, your scientific mindset can get you in trouble, don’t listen to yourself…

i’ve read a lot about the infamous SureFire “Wall of Light” and how it can disorient a would-be attacker with dark-adapted eyes, i wanted to experience this “wall of light” myself…scientific curiosity

i went into the bathroom, closed the door with the lights off, stood in front of the mirror and let my eyes adapt to the darkness, i turned the tailcap switch to “momentary”, raised the light to eye level, and “blipped” the tailcap button…

Frakking OW!, that hurt!

the light blipped on for less than a second and i was blinded by a “wall of light” with a brutally nasty hotspot in the center, my eyes reflexively closed and my head turned away from the light…


i went up to “stage 2” testing, “strobing” the light…

same setup, let the afterimage fade from my vision, align the light at eye level, and…“…OW!”

my eyelids reflexively SLAMMED shut and my head rapidly turned to the left, away from the light, this time it actually hurt, a sharp ache at the back of my eyes (i still have a faint afterimage of the 3.5 blips in my vision now, but they’re fading fast)…

so, the “wall of light” actually works, however, bear in mind, i was only using the stock P60 65 Lumen bulb, and i was expecting the light to flash/strobe, so i was a little more prepared than a would-be assailant who wasn’t expecting a blinding “wall of light”

…thank Og i wasn’t using the 120 Lumen bulb for this test. i’d probably be sitting on my ass, stunned from the intensity…

hmm…now i want to pick up a G2 Nitrolon and slap the P61 in it, to keep it as a defensive light…

the things i do for my fellow Dopers, all to help fight ignorance… :wink:

Didn’t want to let this thread die without throwing in my admiration for these flashlights. The 6P with the 120 lumen xenon bulb is a light of beauty. LEDs are the future of flashlight technology, but I doubt they will ever match the majestic intensity of that PL123 powered beam.

Buy your batteries in Bulk.

Yeah, but you tested that from arms length. At further distances, the light would be less intense and hurty.

no, i stood in front of the bathroom mirror, more than an arms length away, probably 3-4 feet away when i blipped the light…

and it still frelling hurt to look at

i’d hate to be on the wrong end of a Dominator or Beast, if 65 Lumens is painful, i don’t want to even contemplate 500 Lumens…
i just wish those mega-SureFires weren’t so bloody expensive, like the M6 Guardian, the one with the scalloped Impact Bezel just looks plain mean

lets not even bring up the really cool one-off custom SureFires, like this one that wouldn’t seem out of place in the hands of a Klingon warrior…

I carry my Defender with me everywhere. It’s attached to my keychain and I feel much safer with it. I use it daily when I take the dog out or when I’m walking from my detached garage to my house. It does eat up batteries like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s worth it. I’m a fan.

I’ve got a Streamlight Scorpion lithium flashlight. It is a little less powerful than the 6P but I love the rubber coating, it’s very slip resistant and just feels right in the hand. I can light up a street sign in the middle of the night from a block away.

I made a couple of videos of “The Wall Of Light” as produced by my 4 EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlights

in the first linked movie, i’m standing about 3 feet away from the iMac, second movie, around 6 feet (even though i say 5 feet for the SF’s, it’s the same distance as the other lights), there’s a minor error in the second movie, when i say the X5 has 5 “5 watt” LED’s i MEANT to say “5 millimeter”

the lights are, in power from least to most;
Inova X1 (1 5MM LED, single AA battery)
Mini Mag Lite (2 AA, Nite Ize 3 LED upgrade)
SureFire G2
SureFire 6P

and bear in mind, the SureFires are running on their stock 65 Lumen P60 bulb assembly, there is a brighter (120 Lumens) P61 available (bigger hotspot, mainly)

The wife got me a G2 last year as a stocking stuffer. I love it. It has survived two ranbuctious cats, who knock it off the bedstand and bat it around the floor constantly. Any other light would have broken by now.