Any Dopers play Munchkin?

I’m speaking of the Steve Jackson Games card game, Munckin, and its various supplements. I just got turned on to this game, and damn, it’s hilarious. :slight_smile:

I have a copy of Munchkin Fu, uh, somewhere…Pretty amusing game. I remember when there was about five of us ganging up on one guy to try and keep him from winning. We must have had twenty cards to sort out, between his items and our traps.

I find it amusing just to sift through and read the cards though. Moo Goo Pan Gai?

It gets old. The game itself isn’t that great (to put it mildly) and while any nerd worth his salt will get amusement from the cards for the first time or two through it eventually the indefinite loop of piling on the guy who is closest to winning dragged out to four or five hours wears you down.

So, play it, enjoy it, just don’t expect a brilliant game.

I have Munchkin Impossible. It makes for a good light-hearted break from all the serious games, and the serious gaming.

a buddy of mine back in college had them (Munchkin, Munchkin Fu (I think) and Star Munchkin). They were pretty amusing. We definitely had some good nights of stoned enjoyment out of them

We have several packs that we’ve united and split so that there’s a pile at our house and a pile at our best pals’ house. We have a hoot with it-- no complaints. It’s funnier than poker. And when we play it’s usually in a context (beer) in which the basic math involved becomes a hilarious struggle in itself.

I bought the game on the recommendation of a friend who said it was loads of fun. After playing twice I have moved it to the back of my gaming shelf, never to see the light of day again. The game is entirely unbalanced. Rather than rewarding carefully strategy and planning, it seems just a random draw as to who will win. I like to feel I actually accomplished something when I win, and detest randomness making me win/lose. Not my type of game.

I can see how it would be a fun casual drinking game though, until you have seen all the cards.

I feel pretty much the same way. Munchkin rarely (=never) gets played anymore - the same goes for the similar Chez Geek. For card games I much prefer BANG! (Damn fine game; fast-paced and fun), Family Business, Illuminati or even Guillotine (though that gets old rather fast, too). A recent favorite of mine is Citadels which has some interesting mechanics (such as players changing roles/characters in each turn).

I’ve played it with a couple of friends. I don’t really understand the appeal. So I bought one of them Killer Bunnies, and I hope that one will be more entertaining.