Any Dopers who can set an opal into a ring?

I’m in love with the opals this guy sells on ebay. (I know there’s a nicer way to do this url, but I can’t figure it out.)

I don’t know much about opals in general, but these are lovely to look at, and I’d love to order some to have set in rings.
Now, if I could make rings myself, I’d be in business, but of course, I can’t. So–any Dopers who do this sort of thing? I figure I either need to learn how to do it myself, or find someone to do it for me. I’m thinking very, very simple here, no fancy designs…just a basic narrow band with a stone.
Any info or ideas? Thanks!

  1. UncleBeer, I apologize in advance.
  2. I think that alot of money would convince someone to box Mike Tyson. Now WHO could we ask?
  3. Hi, Opal!

Search for “findings” or “ring settings”. Also look in jewelry lots, repair, jewelry making supplies.

You can find beautiful rings missing the stones and then look for stones in that size. Any jeweler can set them for you for a small charge.

I have bought several stones and designed my own ear rings, pendants and rings. I currently have two amitrines that I am going to set as a ring and pendant.

Given the prices, which seems cheap to me, I think that the opals are probably either “triplets” or “doublets” ( (I can’t make “nice” urls either). This is not nescesseraly a bad thing, but if I were you, I’d be a little cautious.
You can buy readymade fittings for gemstones, but usually only in a standard range of sizes. Opals are generally not in standard sizes, and I recommend that you find the fitting first and then an opal. As for putting it in the fitting, use an epoxy adhesive - the kind where you mix the binder and hardener. It’s better than “1-second” glue. That’s what the professionals do.
You could also have the fitting custom-made by a goldsmith, but personally I would only do something that expensive with a really nice stone (it has to be “worth it” :slight_smile: ) Pretty as they are, I don’t think this guys opals are that nice.