Any dopey doctors here? [Mitral valve prolapse questions - Edited title]

I was watching “Mystery Diagnosis” and they did the study of a woman who was never overweight until her first child. After that she ballooned up and could not get the weight off with diet or exercise. Strange thing was that she would lose 25-40 lbs when pregnant (even counting the baby), give birth, then the weight would come right back.

Holy fuck! That sounds exactly like my ex. :eek:

It seems the lady had mitral valve prolapse and the weight gain was due to a lack of blood flow. Blood flow that was made up with the pregnancy due to the added blood volume. Apparently it took 20 years to diagnose because the symptoms dont indicate MVP.

So docs, what do you think? Her insurance (Kaiser) wont even consider that it is MVP and they say her endocrine system is fine except they put her on a small dose of thyroid.

Googling around, it seems that a MVP should be able to be detected by a doctor listening to her heart. Has she had her heart listened to recently, or displayed any other symptoms of heart trouble?

I have a friend, who I’m going to guess is probably over 250 (and it ain’t muscle). From the beginning of her pregnancy to the end, I beleive she put on only 4 pounds. In fact, until about the 6th or 7th month, she was actually losing weight. She has a very large Uterine Fibroid. I beleive it is currently a big bigger then a cantaloupe. During the pregnancy, it got shifted and pushed up against her stomach so she really couldn’t eat. The baby was growing just fine so they didn’t worry about it during that time. Right towards the end, it shifted and that’s when she started eating again. Of course, if it was that, I’m sure they would have found it already.

Plus she ate just fine during the pregnancy and believe me, it’s not about dieting.

I guess my major concern is that with this woman on TV, they didn’t find the MVP since her symptom (apparently) had nothing to do with MVP. That’s the same story my ex gets. “Your symptoms don’t indicate MVP so we’re not even going to check for it.”

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MVP does not work like that. It’s a condition that can cause occasional palpitations but really has not been related definitively to any process which harms the health.