Any experience with the Nikon D7100/D7200?

I’m thinking of buying a new DSLR, as my old Nikon D100 is now in its dotage. It seems that if I want to continue to use all my AF lenses, I’m going to be restricted to the two cameras in the title, as Nikon’s other versions don’t have a motor to drive that type of lens. While I’d love to switch to Canon, I really don’t want to spend the money on new lenses.

Anyway, anybody have experience (good or bad) with these models?

I like my D7100 a lot. The built-in level is a revelation. It’s just that it’s a big and heavy camera. Of course all DSLRs are big and heavy, but the D7xxx a bit more than some.

I am in the same boat (except desiring a Canon). I have a D80 that I am going to trade in for a D7100.

While I haven’t held one in my hands yet, or know someone who owns one, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

I’m going to the neighborhood camera shop on Thursday or Friday to at least get the feel of it in my hands. I also want to see what they’ll give me for the D80 in trade (their price for the 7100, to my pleasant surprise, is the same as B&H and Amazon).

Here is a nice, detailed comparison of the 7100 vs. 7200.

Nice! For $400 more, I don’t see the real advantage of the 7200. I’d rather spend the extra (plus another $175) for the 18-200mm Nikkor lens to replace my old faithful Vivitar 28-210 Series One that has served me well for the past 20 years on both film and digital Nikons.

::faint sound of taps playing in the distance::

A real shocker: Amazon would likely give me a whopping $30 for my D100, for which I paid $1500 new. :frowning:

Try KEH Camera for an online quote on any gear you want to sell.

Don’t forget the new D500

Used, the D90 and D300/300S are three good choices. Older models, but newer than your current body. With the intro of the D500, used prices for D300 and D300S are falling.

Or, bite the bullet for FX over DX. D600/610 and D750 are priced nicely (compared to D800/810 or D3/4/5…)

IME, the D7100 (and the upgrade 7200) are more like the replacement for the D90, but not quite for the D300. The new D500 is the pro DX modsl, the others are more pro-sumor.

That being said, the 7100 is quite a nice camera. More than useful for most medium heavy users. Some nice,very usable features.

Ymmv, as usual

Neither do I.

You most certainly already know this, but you can get 2-3x that on ebay. Even that still stings. I’m hoping for $100 or so for my D80. I’m almost tempted to just hang onto it.

That will be nice, especially with the f3.5. I’ll be picking up the Nikkor 55-300mm f4.5 to go along with my 7100. I am getting these, in part, because of my upcoming Alaska trip (which you may recall advising me on).

Also don’t forget that you’ll be paying 2k for this. :slight_smile:

Yes, one will. I posted about several different models, used and new. The D500 belongs in the discussion because of the line of descent from D100, D200, D300, & D300S. The was no D400.

Still talking Nikon there, what am I missing?

(I am also thinking about upgrading my Canon 20D, but won’t pursue that in this thread.)

It could be the pro-sumer DSLR upgrade thread. :wink:

I was considering that lens instead, as it can be picked up as part of a package deal with the camera. I like the wider angle of the 18mm for landscape shots or groups of people, but also like the 300mm end of the other lens. I’m going to check out both lenses when I head for the store.

I forgot that you’re heading up north. That 300 will serve you well. I bought my first Nikon (an N70) with the Vivitar lens just before going on safari in Africa, and blew through 28 rolls of film. Loved that camera, and miss film, although digital has obvious advantages.

I hear you. I’ve got the wide angles covered, though (Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5 - 4.5 and Sigma 10-20mm :eek: f/4 - 5.6). I need the 300 so I have a chance of getting a decent shot of Bullwinkle.

28 rolls of film - those were the days. I don’t miss film, really (and I’m a guy who still has all his vinyl albums and a turntable). I do still have my Canon AE1; it’s sitting on a shelf, on display. I think I bought it in 1979.

Working part time in a camera shop in 1981, I probably sold more AE-1Program outfits than all other cameras combined.

I still enjoy taking out my 120 folding Agfa to shoot B&W film from time to time.

Nikon’s 18-200 has good performance all around, but something to remember: Slow.

Though it takes the place of several lenses, on camera, it might feel big to some. Not as big as the 18-300 or FF equives… Coming from 80s vintage Vivitar Series 1, tho, that might not matter to you.

Max aperture at tele (f/5.6), tho, can hamper certain types of shooting for you. (Although, you CAN selective focus in post if you want to do the work).

Love my Sigma 10-20* and Nikkor 55-300. Seriously looking at the Tamron 150-600. I have an old Questar CAT scope that T-mounts to my camera as a 800mm f/10.0. Focus on moving subjects is really tough with its focus knob on the back. The DX lens factor tho, gives me a 35mm equiv of 1200mm! With 24MP to play with, I can crop in even more.

There’s also an older Tokina 80-400 that I can’t even find to try out.
*got a focus chip Rokinon 8mm, too. Surprisingly good within its limits

The 7100 is a fantastic camera. Easy to recommend. I’m a semi-pro that mostly shoots on a D90, but I’ve shot with my friend’s 7100 and really like it. Probably going to buy one in the near future.

The 7200 is great, but the bang for buck is better on the 7100.

I’d love to go FX, but the glass is just too expensive to justify the jump yet.

I must also say I’m eyeing the new DL models. They look almost ludicrously useful for compacts.

I have a variety of AF lenses, which of course is the reason I’m looking at the 7000 series. There’s a Sigma 170-500 that doesn’t get much use; ditto for the Nikkor ‘nifty fifty’. My big gun is a Nikkor 80-200 f2.8 (heavy beast) that really needs a tripod to use properly. The 90mm Tamron macro doesn’t get much use and neither does the Quantaray 18-35 wide angle zoom. And I just bought a Celestron C-5 spotting scope/telescope (Schmidt-Cassegrain), that can be used as a 1250mm camera lens with the mounting adapter.

The problem I’m having now is trying to find a dealer who sells manufactured-for-USA cameras. The ones manufactured for international sales have no warranty in the US, to my knowledge. I called 42nd Street Camera in NYC and all their 7100s are international. Couldn’t get a straight answer out of Newegg. Going to check the local store tomorrow.

I’ve been using Adorama for years. A Nikon USA refurb is another option.