Any experiences with non-OEM laptop batteries?

I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 and the battery is dead. It only lasted about a year. :frowning: Dell’s suggested replacement battery is $134 for the low-end battery and $189 for the high-end battery. Both are uniformly panned in the user reviews. Most users have absolutely nothing nice to say about the battery.

So, I foundthis battery for only $99. This supposedly replaces the $189 Dell battery.

So, anyone have any experience with non-OEM batteries? Should I just suck it up and get Dell’s crappy battery or should I shop around for a less expensive alternative?

No experience, but IIRC, most of the exploding laptop batteries from a few years back were aftermarket/counterfeit jobs.

I’ve got one for my HP laptop. It hasn’t exploded or anything in the year I’ve had it. It works just like the HP-branded one. Oh, right, and I had one with my old IBM laptop. It lasted a few years without exploding, too. Give it a try.