Any fans of the Myst books/games out there?

I just finished playing Myst III: Exile. I’ve played the first two games, and read some of the books (Atreus, T’ani, and the third one). Unfortunatly, it’s been a while, so I’m curious.

Is there any reference to the final age of Myst III, “Nyryan”(?) in the books? There’s a huge shield, erected by atreus, and something about a defect in the age which his sons were supposed to correct, but never did(probably because they turned into assholes and started abusing the ages and their peoples for their own gain).

I will say this now. If anyone has any spoilers in this thread, please use boxes* and indicate which work(s) you’re spoiling. Thank you. I got through Myst with only a tiny bit of help from internet walkthroughs and I’m partway through Riven, but haven’t played in a while, and I don’t know where I put my CDs. Haven’t read any of the books or anything. Do you recommend them?

*Type (spoiler) before the spoiler and (/spoiler) after it. Except use [square brackets] instead of (round ones).

If you liked the games, Definatly try to get the books. They provide a lot of background information about the whole universe, as well as how the ages are made(Well, it doesn’t say HOW, but you get ideas of just what goes into it). They don’t correspond to the games so much as fill in the gaps.

The book of Ti’ana shows the D’ni civilization before it’s fall, the fall itself, and I believe it goes up until the birth of Atreus.

The book of Atreus is the Immediate lead-up to Myst and Riven(which apparently take place in close proximity to each other), showing Atreus as he grows up and learns how to write the ages. It also is the best look you get at Gehn, and how he meets Catherine, and of course, the backstory to the Age of Riven. It also explains where the book you use to get to Myst in the first place comes from, or how it got to where you are(kinda).

The book of D’ni takes place between Riven and Exile, with Atreus leading the survivors of D’ni to rebuild their civilization, to search for a new home.

I believe there’s a Myst Reader that has all three books. Fortunatly, the books and games complement each other nicely because the Rand Bros, who made the games, also wrote the books.