Any Flintknapping dopers?

The area around my house is filled with all sorts of neat stones. I’ve found a piece of crystal about the size of a softball. In the pass I found a piece of chert that was about one cubic inch. Today while walking Goliath, I found two decent sized pieces of chert, the larger one is about the size of a baseball.

Back in the day I know that bone and antler were common tools used to knapp stone, but I happen to be fresh out. I was wondering what the modern day knapper kept in their tool kit.

I haven’t knapped myself, although I’d like to try. Several years ago when I was visiting New Mexico, I saw that there were videotapes on knapping. I’m sure you can find them (and probably books as well) via the internet.

Sorry, haven’t got to the really good flintknapping yet, being limited to some overlarge Acheulian cleavers and suchlike.
No, seriously, I haven’t ever done it, due to lack of suitable flints. I’ve always wanted to try it. “A site by flintknappers for flintknappers” has a beginers kit with modern tools and a book and DVD. It looks pretty cool except it is $95. I don’t know if I want to spend that without knowing if I’ll like it. OTOH, an antler pressure flaker will look good in my house. I may have to give this some thought, but I think that it would pretty cool to make my own stone tools. It could throw future archaeologists for a loop to see my house with nearly indestructable glass and plastic items, and a big ol’ pile of debitage.