Any flock protection dogs for warm climates?

It seems that all the flock protection dog breeds do best when kept in a cold climate.

Any breeds that would be alright in Hawaii?

Hubby’s dad used to have a border collie to help him with his cows. This was in Mississippi.

The most valuable flocks (sheep, goats) do best (produce more wool) in a colder climate, obviously. So most herding dogs are also of a type suitable for a colder climate.

The fact that Australia is the world’s leading wool producer and cut the highest fleece weights would question “obviousness” of sheep and goats doing best in colder climates.

Flock guardian dogs, usually Maremmas, are used here, not very common but not unknown. They are usually guarding say alpacas on hobby farms in the closer settled areas.

Hawaii has very nice weather. It rarely ever goes above 85 and doesn’t have high humidity IIRC. I think the usual white, heavy-coated livestock guard dogs such as Great Pyrenees, Akbash, Maremma Sheepdogs, and Komondors and would be just fine in those conditions - and I know people who own these types of dogs in American states with much harsher summers.

In Africa Anatolian Shepherds are used as livestock guards, they have a shorter coat and are less heavy-bodied. Some people also use German Shepherd Dogs for guarding herds.

A short-coated breed like the Australian Cattle Dog would do fine in a temperate climate like Hawaii.

Herding breeds like Australian Cattle Dogs and Border Collies couldn’t be more different from livestock guarding breeds. You can’t leave these high-powered dogs in the field with the flock all day; it would be chaos.